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Rose Petal Wine Jelly

Rose Petal  Wine Jelly

Delicate subtle flowery perfume taste of rose petals, sweet with tang of alcohol from the wine. First we make a wonderful wine full of bouquet then we turn it into jelly. Rose Petal wine jelly goes wonderfully with cheese, there is nothing to compare to it.

All the roses from which we obtain the petals are grown on our farm in total organic conditions with no chemicals or pesticides used at all. We make our own wine using cane sugar and do not add any sulfites to the wine before turning it into wine jelly.

Rose Petal wine, sugar, pectin

Item # Jar size Price # Stock Qty
4oz Jar $5.00 19
8oz Jar $8.00 19
12oz Jar $11.50 4

NOTE: Weights are for the amount of preserve in the jar, not the weight of the jar plus contents.

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