Bird's Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) organically grown flower seeds. Floral Encounters.
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This is a really charming plant that is hardy, easy to grow. It tolerates heat and drought extremely well and also fixes nitrogen so it helps fertilize the plants around it. Trefoil is a low growing bushy plant that also tolerates foot traffic and cutting very well making it an ideal plant for walkways and inclusion in a lawn. Or an interesting border plant.

It has three lobed mid green leaves and clusters of bright yellow pea like flowers. It is a profuse bloomer and will create small mounds of bright yellow flowers that will flower all summer long. Flowers are followed by a three ‘pronged’ seed reminiscent of a birds foot. It dies down in winter and returns from the same taproot the following spring.

It can grow on both sandy and clay soils, drought and even periods of flooding. It is also very salt tolerant so is an excellent choice for shore communities or roadsides that are subject to winter salting. It can grow on acid soils up to a pH of 5.

For those interested in a more organic lawn with less fertilizers and chemicals adding trefoil can be a excellent alternative. It is part of the nitrogen fixing legumes so it can feed the grass in your lawn as well as itself. Since it will flower when it is very short it also brings color and interest to an otherwise boring stretch of green. It is very tough and will stay green during times of drought when typical lawns turn brown and dull. It will attract bees so some care is needed if going barefoot but flowers are bright and easy to avoid.

Bird’s foot Trefoil has a large taproot and very strong root system so it is often used for erosion control and stabilization of soils. It is a tenacious plant and can live as long as thirty years! It is also sometimes used as fodder for domestic animals.

For homeowners this plant can make a wonderful clumping ornamental since it flowers for so long. Left alone it will reach about 6-8 inches in height and flower profusely from the second year onwards.
For those who wish to incorporate it in their lawn it's best to sow early in the year to allow establishment. It makes a wonderful interest plant and helps keep the lawn grasses healthy without any fertilizer. More information on natural lawns.

Our seed comes coated with an inoculum. (what’s this)