Thrift (Armeria maritima) organically grown flower seeds. Floral Encounters.
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Excellent ground cover plant for areas of full sun. This plant requires little water and very little maintenance once established. It is very tolerant of salt and can grow right down to the tidal flats - which is where it is a native -. It is also very tolerant of copper and can grow in areas of high copper soil content where most other plants will die. It will tolerate most soil types with ease as long as drainage is good, it does not like wet soil. Deer don't seem to like it, they will eat it but only as a last resort.

A very low growing plant it produces a round clump of narrow pointed leaves similar to grass blades but thicker and stronger. As the plant grows the clump becomes larger and larger filling in any spaces between it and it's neighbors. Given full sun it will spread quickly. In late spring long wiry stems, -up to 18 inches tall - rise from the mound producing a profusion of globe shaped flowers in many shades of pink, rose, coral, lilac, red and sometimes white flowers. Flowers last for a over a month and if cut down after flowering will often keep producing flowers until the frost although in less profusion that their spring bloom.

Once established in full sunshine it needs no extra water or fertilizer. It does well on poor soil. It is an excellent choice for rocky areas where it can be stuffed into cracks and exist on very little soil. It cannot tolerate shade.

Plants can be divided in very early spring. Division is useful to rejuvenate plants that are waning but depending on location may not be necessary some plants can do well for many many years just increasing in size.

Zones 4-8
Frost Tolerance: Hardy to -3°F (-35°C)