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Essential plant for the chocolate lover. This north American native plant has pretty bright yellow daisy flower are slightly larger than a quarter with chocolate colored centers and dark red striped under petals. The flowers open at night and in the morning and produce a wonderful chocolate scent that make you want to just eat them up. Flowers drop their petals as the sun gets climbs towards noon but they are prolific bloomers and more flowers arise every morning.

Chocolate flowers are low growing perennials with light green leaves. They will bloom from seed in the first year but increase in size dramatically in years two and three to large low mounding plants which can be over three feet across.

A full sun plant that thrives in poor soils and needs little water. great for those sunny locations where it's hard to water. Some water will make them more vigorous and a few minutes from a soaker hose each day will create huge plants with mounds of flowers. It's best to plant them in groups for the most intense chocolate effect. The scent can travel long distances on the slightest breeze. If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood you should certainly grow these lovelies. Makes a great informal edging plant.

A native of the southwest it's very adaptable the plant is hardy to zone 4. It dies back to the ground each year but comes back from the central crown each spring. Those wonderful chocolate flowers are edible and were used by Native Americans to flavor sausages. Try them in salads or as a garnish.

The olive green to brown seed heads continue to resemble the flower and can be harvested for use in dried flower arrangments. They continue to hold a light scent of chocolate for a considerable time, often years if kept in a dry environment.

Full sun
zones 4-11
Low water - some watering will produce much bigger plants.
Low maintenance
Edible flowers
Deer don't seem to eat it.