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Dried Sweet Annie
Natures Natural Air Freshener

One of the best natural air fresheners around. Have a aroma you want to get rid of? Just wave a spring of Sweet Annie in the air and it freshens the whole area with a sweet appealing smell eliminating anything else. Don't use air fresheners with unknown chemical ingredients use a natural herb to do the work for you. The scent of this plant lasts for years and will go on working for you, all you have to do is gently move a piece and the aroma bursts forth.

Sweet Annie Artemisia annua Sweet Annie Artemisia annua
Medium bunch with quarter for scale close up on flower branch

Beautiful olive green foliage and with tiny flowers. This plant is excellent as a filler in any flower arrangement or any dried flower project. It's main use however is for it's stunning long lasting aroma which can fill the house with just a tiny movement of one small sprig. It is excellent for use in wreaths and other aroma projects. It's scent is strong and very pleasant, unlike any other plant.

BUNCH SIZE:Medium - 35 in high 10 in wide

COLOR: Two predominant colors with the closest matches are Cattail Brown (#350D-7) and Wild Mushroom (#350F-7) Paint chips from Behr available at Home Depot

Item # Size Price  
Medium Bunch $5

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