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New Seeds for 2016.

Winter is in full swing, the snow is piling up, don't despair. Its time to plan your garden ready for spring!
This year we have 15 new items to add to our seed list. It may not sound like a lot but for a little farm like ours its quite a bit. All our new plants are used as medicinal herbs, but all of them are lovely plants and like almost all herbs they are tough and most will produce beautiful flowers or foliage to grace any garden.
As per usual we have added only the bare bones of the items, seed name and price. I am working on writing up the information on each plant, but it takes a long while to prepare the data we like to offer you about each plant. I will post them as quickly as I can. Click here to see our latest offerings.



organic herb seeds for sale Seeds for deer resistant plants for sale
Seeds to grow in tough places
Gourmet Preserves, Unusual fruits and combinations
Natural organic Aromatic Dried Material Mousepads and Coasters, the ideal gift
Fpr Organic Lawns
White Clover (Trifolium repens) Bird's Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus)
Add this to your lawn and stop having to fertilze it. Clover fixes nitrogen which helps your grass. If you want less maintenance and a greener ‘lawn’ this is a must. More info.
More about natural lawns.
Tolerates heat and drought extremely well and also fixes nitrogen so it helps fertilize the plants around it. Trefoil is a low growing bushy plant that also tolerates foot traffic and cutting very well making it an ideal plant for walkways and inclusion in a lawn, or an interesting border plant. Great for hot dry areas. More info


Rubber with no slip back. Heat resistant, fully washable. Can be used as tablemats! Inks are bonded to the fabric top and are fade resistant. Mix and match coasters to your own selection. All made here on the farm. Many more selections available

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