How To Choose Your Catnip

How do you choose which catnip to buy?

  1. Read the information about the product. If there is none or its very minimal be cautions. This usually means it's not particular good stuff. If it was then surely they would want to tell you so.

  2. Does the description say what the product is, whole leaf? Partially crushed leaf? Powder?

  3. Does the seller state at what stage it was harvested? The more information you have the better. It's hard to make an informed decision from a few words or one sentence.

  4. Does the product state that it has not been sprayed with chemicals. Is it spray free?

  5. Is it organic? Organic should stronger healthier plants with more active compounds.

  6. How is the catnip harvested. If it's done my machine then its not so easy to ensure good product.

Floral encounters is proud to produce whole leaf catnip that is hand harvested and hand stripped. We use only the finest leaves in all our products. We offer whole leaf catnip, catnip flowering tops and catnip morsels. All raised organically without the use of any chemicals at all.


This catnip. Lush Stage 2 with high nepetalactone.

Stage 2 catnip plant.  Lush high quality.

Or this catnip. Stage 4. High bulk volume but low nepetalactone.

Stage 4 Catnip plants.  High bulk but poor quality


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How to choose which catnip to buy.

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Janice Hazeldine PhD is the owner and head grower of Floral Encounters an organic Medicinal Herb farm that is also a designated sanctuary for pollinators.