About our Seeds. Floral Encounters


All our seeds are stored under refrigerated conditions as soon as they have been removed from the plant material. This ensures that they stay as fresh and viable as possible. It is essential that seeds are stored correctly to ensure that they remain as fresh as possible. Make sure whatever company you buy from stores their seeds correctly. Incorrectly stored seeds may not germinate.
We recommend that when you receive your seeds you immediately refrigerate them, Store any left over seed in the refrigerator. Many seeds can remain viable for years if stored in this manner.

We only sell seeds that have been harvested either this year or in the last growing season. We Never sell older seed unless otherwise stated.

All of our seeds are sold in what is called semi cleaned state. This means that not all the plant material from around the seed is removed. Doing this is extremely time consuming and labor intensive and the main reason that seeds are as expensive as they are. So to keep the costs down we remove as much debris as possible but leave the more difficult pieces. So when you get your seeds, they won't be pristine and just seeds; they will have other bits of plant material in with them.

We can calculate the amount of extra plant material for each kind of seed and ensure that the amount of seed you receive will be the amount we have stated. In seed packets where there is debris we will add extra weight to ensure you get as many and most often far more seeds than are stated in our packet sizes.