Organic Partial Leaf Catnip organically grown aromatics. Floral Encounters.
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0.4 oz partial leaf : Organic Partial Leaf Catnip 0.4oz $5.00

Partially crushed means that there are large pieces of catnip leaf but not whole leaves. Its not powdered just broken up a little. This catnip is produced from the same premium catnip as our whole catnip using the same standards.
The advantages of semi crushed is that you can get more catnip in a package. Whole leaf is light and fluffy. It retains the most active compounds because they are locked in the leaf. Partial leaf will have slightly less since the leaves have been broken, but not enough to release most of the active compounds. Partial leaf allows for more product in a container and makes it easier for a customer as there is no worry about crushing the leaves prematurely. Some customers prefer this option.
Catnip is packaged in the same containers as the whole leaf, but more can be fitted into each because its not as fluffy.
Packages contain 0.40oz or 11.3 gms

Floral encounters produces only high quality organic catnip. We use no pesticides at all ever on our catnip or any other plant grown on our farm. All our catnip is harvested by hand in late stage 1 and stage 2 ensuring that you have the best possible product with the highest concentrations of active compounds. We also process by hand to remove any unwanted material and thoroughly wash all our leaves before they are dehydrated and stored in sealed containers until we package them for you. We use the same premium catnip in all our products we never use inferior material. That goes to the compost heap.
Very few if any other catnip suppliers do this and almost none wash their catnip. For more detailed information on how we create our premium catnip click here.
We also offer a series of articles to help you understand about the best time to harvest catnip and what to look for in a premium catnip.