Organic Catnip Morsels organically grown aromatics. Floral Encounters.
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0.55 oz morsels : Catnip Morsels Large $32.90

It's concentrated catnip! We take the finest organic leaf catnip from our fields and using our proprietary process concentrate it and the important oils down into small morsels. Each morsel contains roughly 0.06 oz or 1.7gms of fresh catnip leaf. That does not sound like a lot but our photographs show exactly how much fresh catnip makes up one morsel and how much fresh catnip is in a whole can.

Morsels come in a air tight tin to help keep in the important oils, aromas and flavors. Keep the tin security shut to hold in freshness. Morsels keep well for long periods of time.

If your cats are susceptible to catnip they will love these morsels We tested them on every cat we could find and every one whose cat liked catnip went crazy for these things. Try it yourself and see how your cat reacts.

Catnip used in our morsels is all hand harvested, then the leaves are stripped from the stems so each leaf is evaluated to ensure it is suitable for use. We don't use any stems, stalks or poor quality leaves in any of our products.