Spring Garden Cleanup Checklist

Spring Garden Cleanup Checklist

Warm weather is here! Go out and Garden

The warm weather is finally coming and we are all eager this year to get outside. Now is the time to get your garden in shape after the winter months. This checklist will help you to get your garden in order before things start to grow wildly as they do in spring.
Just remember walking on soil while it's still wet can make it very difficult for plants to grow later so avoid areas where you will be planting.

There is no better feeling than ticking off all the tasks from the checklist and having a clean garden for the rest of the year.


For those of you battling Japanese stiltgrass using crabgrass pre-emergent works great to keep this nasty pest down.

Don't put down grass seed if you are using a per emergent. It will stop the grass seed from growing too. If intending to seed grass don't use the pre emergent.


Author Bio:
Timi Schmidt
Timi is a content creator and she likes to spend time in her garden, therefore keeping it clean and organized is really important for her. She teamed up with Floral Encounters to bring you this step-by-step checklist on how to clean up your garden and yard.