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Sweet Annie is one of the most effective natural air fresheners available. Wave a sweet annie bag around a room with unpleasant odor and the smell vanishes. Its amazing just how far the scent can carry filling quite a large room easily. For bathrooms the bags can be used instead of air fresheners just shake the bag a little when new scent is required.

Our Sweet Annie has been grown in a totally organic system where we use absolutely no pesticides at all. (Most organic farms still use pesticides, they just use different pesticides than non organic farms.)
We sell a leaf/flower mixture as our Sweet Annie is harvested as the flowers begin to open, the ideal time to capture the largest amount of essential oils. We keep the leaves as large as possible (they are quite small to begin with) so when the bag is moved or slightly crushed it will break new cell boundaries and release more powerful oils. Ground or powdered leaves release all the oils at one time so by time most products arrive at your home they have lost most of their potency. With our whole leaves you are assured more oils are retained and only released when the leaves are crushed.

Use in any place that the delightful aroma is needed. Excellent for closets, clothing drawers and laundry, or leave in a room for a pleasant natural aroma. For a greater burst of aroma gentle squeeze the bag to crush just a few of the leaves at a time. This will release more of the essential oils. Used carefully with gentle progressive crushing these bags can retain their aroma for two to four years. Do not place in bright sunlight on heat as this will release aromas prematurely and deplete the bag. Keep bags dry at all times to prevent deterioration of the product.

Size: 4-3/4" X 6-1/4"
Bag Material: Cotton. Red plaid patter with lace bows and fabric rose
Weight: 0.8oz (22 grams) Each
Latin Name: Artemisia annua
Sweet Annie flowers