Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) organically grown flower seeds. Floral Encounters.
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A wonderful native perennial with beautiful large purple flowers that bloom over a long period of time. This plant is really simple to grow from seed, needs very little care thereafter and brings color and beauty to any garden. It is extremely drought tolerant and is loved by native bees and butterflies and the flower seeds are enjoyed by many of our native birds especially goldfinches.

Growing to a height of four feet with rough textured dark green heart shaped leaves. This plant begins to produce flowers on strong sturdy stems in early summer and keeps on going right through the summer months until the early fall. The large daisy like flowers rise above the foliage and can be up to five inches across and vary in color from mid pink to deep purple/magenta. The center of each flower is a stiff brown cone surrounded by yellow stamens that are excellent for drying for flower arrangements. Flowers can be cut and used for flower arrangements bringing a beautiful honey scent into the home. Cutting the flowers encourages more blooms creating a profusion throughout the summer. Can tolerate dry conditions and less water than many plants. Flowers and cones can also be dried and used for everlasting arrangements. As a medicinal, it is said to stimulate growth of blood cells and enhance the immune system.

Purple coneflower is excellent in a back border or naturalized on it's own. It likes a sunny location. It will grow in partial shade but it will not fare as well or flower as prolifically. It's really easy to grow from seed. It may bloom in the first year but becomes profuse from the second year onwards.
Growing Zones: 3-9