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Velvety Flower heads in many vibrant colors to make your garden stunning this year. This mix contains magenta, mahogany-red, burgundy, bright rose, scarlet, and yellow!

Huge flower heads can reach over 10 inches across. Held up on thick stiff stems which can branch off at sides producing even more flower head below the large massive central one. Heads are made up of many small flowers arranged in loops and whorls in many stunning colors. Each plant seems to have it's own subtle shade offering many many different colors.

Nothing can compare to Cockscomb for a showy flower display that lasts and lasts. Plants can reach three to four feet and may spread laterally with many side branches and lots of stunning flowers. The leaves are lush and tropical like in many shades from lime green, lush deep green, red and dark red. Flowering begins in early to mid summer and lasts until frost, has excellent heat tolerance but does need watering to achieve maximum sizes. Unwatered plants tend to be much smaller. If you want color in your garden this is the plant you need, if you grow nothing else grow this.

Start indoors about four weeks before last frost or sow directly outside when the soil has warmed. For best results grow when plants will receive at least 5 hours or direct sunlight per day. Needs full sun prefers well drained soil but will tolerate most soil types with watering. Does well in hot summer days if watered. In full sun heads will grow very large and heavy so they may bend over in heavy storm winds and rain. Stems are strong and don't break easily.

Heat tolerant
Full sun location. Does not do well in shade
Water for maximum size. Soaker hoses work best
Does not need staking, but very large heads may bow over in high winds.